Dining Reservations

We suggest reservations particularly on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

Call and make your reservation today at 317-923-6353.

Parties and Functions

The Iron Skillet has acquired its cherished reputation both for the superb quality of its food and efficiency in serving special groups. For many years it has been a popular choice for banquets, wedding rehearsal dinners, receptions, ladies' club meetings and holiday parties.

F our dinning areas serving up to 120 people at one setting are available for parties.

Cal l 317-923-6353 to schedule your next function at The Iron Skillet Restaurant.

Carry Out

If you have company and don't want to hassle with cooking or dressing up to go out we have the complete dinner (less the appetizer and dessert) that can be prepared to 'carry out'. Just give us 30 minutes notice.  Visit our Carry Out page for more information.

Call 317-923-6353 for take out.

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